Our Registered Icelandic Sheep
The Icelandic Sheep were brought to Iceland by the Vikings where they have subsequently been bred for 1,000 years.  

  • Dual Coated, the outer coat is Tog which is great for weaving and outer clothing, the inner coat is Thel and is finer and perfect for close to the skin.
  • High fertility and early maturity
  • Easy management, no stalling or artifical feed required.
  • Hardy and disease resistant
  • Polled and horned
  • Ewes weigh 150-160 lbs, Rams weigh 175-210 lbs.

Are you looking for Icelandic Fleeces or Roving?
Please email us if you would like to be place on our waiting list for Icelandic Fleeces.

countingsheepfarm@yahoo.com  We hope to hear from you soon!
Did you know?
Icelandic Sheep are considered a triple purpose breed.  They can be used for wool, milk and meat.

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